Yotpo Focus Brings AI-Powered Customer Review Features to Brands

Commerce marketing platform Yotpo has released Yotpo Focus, a suite of widgets powered by artificial intelligence that automatically showcase the most effective content on eCommerce sites.

Comprised of two products, Review Highlights and Smart Filters, Yotpo Focus dynamically displays informative and personally relevant reviews that drive buyer decisions forward.

“More than half of traffic to eCommerce sites is from shoppers using smartphones and other devices, making it absolutely critical for brands to offer mobile-first experiences. Yotpo Focus enables brands to deliver the content and experiences that matter to customers, in the context that supports the buyer journey.”

Tomer Tagrin, CEO & Cofounder, Yotpo

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Yotpo’s proprietary AI engine powers everything from customer content generation to on-site display to analysis.

This enables brands to offer personalization, one-to-one engagement with customers at scale, and over time understand and optimize their experience.

As the latest development in Yotpo’s AI-powered solutions, Yotpo Focus enables the following capabilities:

REVIEW HIGHLIGHTS leverages natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to extract the best snippets from reviews and showcases them in a space-efficient, mobile optimized display.

It automatically selects sentences according to their positive sentiment, the number of topics mentioned, and their recency.

A brand can then select the number of highlights to display and specify their location on product pages based on preference.

SMART FILTERS allows customers to filter product reviews by the topics most relevant to them.

Yotpo data shows that only 5% of shoppers typically move beyond a second page of reviews, which can be a challenge with popular products with multiple pages of review content.

Using NLP and machine learning, Yotpo’s algorithm identifies a product’s most frequently mentioned and high-converting topics and showcases them as filters that pull corresponding reviews to better inform shoppers, faster.

Unlike the topic filters found on Amazon.com, Yotpo’s semantic grouping ensures that brands don’t display multiple variations of the same topic filters.

For example, the terms “shipping” and “delivery,” or “cost” and “price,” would appear as separate topics on Amazon but Yotpo consolidates them into one topic.

Unique to Yotpo, machine learning continually measures which topics and reviews led to purchases and reconfigures to ensure that these are showcased prominently.

Companies can also fully customize Smart Filters and Review Highlights to match their brand aesthetic and style.

Yotpo Focus can be instantly deployed without additional development work. For additional information, visit https://www.yotpo.com/blog/introducing-yotpo-focus/.

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