Wing Launches the Country’s First-Ever Drone Delivery Service

Wing Drone

Wing has just become the first U.S. company to deliver a package from a retailer’s store to a customer’s doorstep by means of a commercial drone.

It’s evident that the Alphabet subsidiary has beat Amazon in the drone delivery race as the latter has yet to launch its drones, which were promised for later this year.

wing logoWing started developing its Project Wing drone delivery technology back in 2014, a year after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claimed that his company’s electric drones are the future. In April this year, Wing became the first-ever company to receive approval from the US Federal Aviation Authority to conduct commercial deliveries via drones.

Amazon also secured FAA approval two months later, while UPS managed to do so earlier this month.

“We’re looking at trends in cities including congestion and environmental sustainability. We see drone deliveries as a key part of solutions to these.” – James Ryan Burgess, CEO, Wing

Wing officially launched Project Wing on Friday, which successfully delivered packages from Walgreens in Christianburg, Virginia to customers within the area.

Project Wing can carry lightweight items like fresh foods, medicines, and gifts weighing not more than 1.5 kg., and deliver them from door-to-door in just a matter of minutes.

Prior to its official launch, Wing tested its drones in different cities in Australia and Helsinki, Finland. For its pilot service, Wing partnered with Walgreens, FedEx Express, and Sugar Magnolia.

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