Webgility releases inventory forecasting module for multichannel sellers


Webgility officially releases its inventory forecasting module to all customers and will provide a free demo for interested online merchants.

The company now provides the premiere inventory forecasting and demand planning software, which can work in real-time to accurately predict seasonal inventory patterns.

“With our new inventory forecasting capability, sellers can take full control of their inventory and replace complicated spreadsheets and hours of manual work with simple, streamlined automated reports. Brands and retailers can forecast their demand, make data-driven decisions on which inventory to purchase and ensure they’re not overstocked. We’ve designed this solution for companies using QuickBooks so they can improve their cash flow and their margins.”

CEO Parag Mamnani

Key benefits of the software include reduction of stock-outs and excess inventory, increased lead time, better allocation of marketing spend, and improved seasonal cash flow.

“Our customers have used Webgility for over a decade to streamline their online retail operations by automating their bookkeeping functions and consolidating financial data in a single place. The new inventory forecasting feature harnesses that data to empower ecommerce sellers to make actionable inventory decisions that will reduce costs and save time-so they can get busy growing their businesses.”

Sr. Product Manager Kevin Draggoo

Thousands of online multichannel merchants use Webgility

Webgility software enables sellers to boost profits and productivity by integrating their apps, automating operations, and providing powerful business analytics.

By harnessing the power of ecommerce data, Webgility helps sellers

  • keep all their sales channels and apps in-sync
  • optimize orders, inventory, shipping, and accounting
  • uncover actionable insights to reduce costs and grow revenue

“Customers always express their concerns with unexpected stock-outs and other common inventory issues. I am looking forward to telling them they can reduce their stress and feel more in control of their cash flow with this feature. Customers can increase cash flow by understanding sales velocity, sustain it by ensuring they don’t run out of stock, and release cash tied up in aging inventory.”

Shea Shatto, USA Director of Customer Success

Webgility integrates with QuickBooks, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Avalara and other online platforms and business systems to offer merchants multichannel ecommerce interconnectivity.

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