Walmart Has Partnered With Smart Lock August To Test New Delivery Process

Image: Walmart

A new delivery process is being tested by Walmart with those who have August smart home devices. This new process will allow Walmart to deliver products not just outside the doorstep, but would actually have the products inside the house. Groceries would be placed inside the refrigerator or freezer as well.

Testing of this new delivery process is being made to select customers who have opted in to it. The test process will start out with those homes in Silicon Valley.

Through this process, the August smart lock will allow delivery drivers into the homes. The same devices can allow customers to see the progress of the delivery from start to finish. Customers who are away from home can be notified of the process through smart phone.

The next step of smart delivery?

Image: Walmart | Store Front

Walmart’s deliveries are being handled by Deliv. A passcode is given to the driver to allow access into a home with an August smart lock device.

August is the first company to partner with Walmart for this new delivery process. Pricing has not been determined yet on the new process. So far the price would be determined by the customer on how he is willing to pay for the service.

“We want to do more in the future by delivering groceries and other orders in whatever location works best for our customers – inside the house for some and in the fridge/freezer in the garage for others,”  Sloan Eddleston, Vice President of eCommerce Strategy and Business Operations at Walmart.

So far August is the first company for this, though if the service should prove a success, Walmart might also try to partner with other smart lock companies.

This is just one of a number of services that Walmart is willing to try out as it tries to compete with giant eCommerce leader, Amazon.

What do you think?  Would you trust a delivery person to enter your property or not?  Is this the future of delivery especially for groceries?  Let us know down below.

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