Videos To Make Up 75 Percent of Mobile Traffic by 2023

According to Ericsson’s latest report, videos will soon dominate mobile traffic usage by 2023. That’s a great leap from all the traffic that it uses today.

Experts say that worldwide mobile data traffic will also increase to 110 exabytes per month (1000 Petabytes or 1 Billion Gigabytes) as more people watch more video on their smartphones.

The data is equal to 5.5 million years of streaming High-Definition video, making it eight times larger than the 14 exabytes per months that people used this year.

YouTube challenges advertisers with the six-second format

“Challenge accepted” said the agency creatives and filmmakers involved in the project. YouTube recently offered help to its advertisers in capturing their viewers’ attention around the world.

youtube videos

The trend began when Google launched its best ads at Sundance in Jan. 2017. According to one of Google’s latest study on bumper ads, one out of ten of these videos drove ad recall, while 61 percent raised brand awareness to its viewers.

Jake Malanoski, customer acquisition director for Green Chef, said that he saw some positive response from shorter video ads.

“Interestingly enough, if we are trying to reach someone for the first time, the shorter the better. If we are retargeting, we can play a 15 or a 30. Part of the theory there is that if somebody hasn’t heard of you, they are not going to give you the time of day…Short-form is going to play a role…Six seconds is actually a pretty decent-sized canvas to play with.” Mark Douglas, founder, and CEO of Steelhouse.

Fox also introduced six-second television ads for this year’s Teen Choice Awards in August. Fox said that shorter ads would help prevent its viewers from switching channels and will even lead to building ad awareness.

The TV giant also announced that it would accept snackable ad content or several popular sporting events such as NFL games beginning in September, Forbes wrote.

Just recently, Facebook also released a statement that it was going to deliver its own brand of six-second ad campaign during the company’s second-quarter earnings call. Facebook also said that its users watch autopay video campaigns for 5.7 seconds.

facebook videos

A recent study from comScore found that online ads must be only 5 or six seconds long to be more effective with Millennials.

Brands and agencies are also starting to follow their lead by launching six-second videos. Michellin recently released a bumper ad on YouTube, Google’s own video platform.

Bumper videos aren’t exactly new

Dunkin’ Donuts created a six-second video on ESPN for Monday Night Football in September 2013. The buzz around the project subsided over time, but it’s slowly coming back to full force as industry giants are expected to join the bandwagon in 2018.

Seasoned marketers expect these ads to be more popular with the younger generation compared to the traditional 15- and 30-second ads.

Smartphone users around the world use an average of 2.9 gigabytes of data per month, making both 2GB to 5GB popular for most users. Bigger or unlimited mobile data plans will soon be necessary as average data usage is expected to rise by 17GB in 2023.

People nowadays spend an increasing amount of time browsing on their smartphones. The average amount of time that people use to browse online using their mobile devices was around 1 hour and 17 minutes per day back in 2012.

Now, the numbers had risen to 3 hours 2 minutes every day, according to WARC. Although TV is still the leading medium for advertising, advertising through mobile phones comes second, with 98.3 billion spent on this year alone.

Do you also frequently stream videos on your mobile? Share your experiences down below.

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