UPS Expands Global Footprint with More Destinations and Services

Source: UPS

UPS announced the addition of 14 new countries served by UPS Worldwide Express, part of UPS’s international suite of shipping services that guarantees time- and day-definite delivery for urgent shippers.

The sweeping expansion of global services also includes later pickup times, improved time-in-transit and Saturday delivery in seven countries in ISMEA.

This is all part of the company’s desire to better connect businesses to its smart global logistics network, while showing the company’s strategic focus on international high-growth markets.

“We’re excited to announce that customers can now choose UPS to better compete globally with the time-definite services competitive businesses need. By improving time-in-transit and increasing the number of countries served, our customers have more time-of-day delivery options to better meet their customers’ critical needs.”

Nando Cesarone, president, UPS International

The guaranteed time- and day-definite delivery improvements include South and Central America, including Panama where customers can enjoy from the Colón Free Trade Zone, plus Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa by GDP and population.

Express Service Expansion

UPS also grew its express services footprint within key markets by adding new postal codes in 26 European countries, and in other high-growth markets such as South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore, all of which have exceeded annual per capita GDP growth of 3.5% for the last 50 years.

UPS customers can take advantage of robust customs brokerage services in these newly expanded areas.

As one of the world’s largest customs brokers, UPS helps customers navigate changing regulations, maintain compliance and keep shipments moving smoothly through customs and across borders.

The UPS customs brokerage team has over 80 years of experience, over 400 import and export clearance locations, and over 6 million customs entries filed each year in the U.S.

Last year UPS acquired STTAS, which was the world’s largest independent provider of global trade management services.

UPS continues to strengthen export and brokerage solutions which customers can count on as they explore alternative modes and lanes in response to the shifting trade environment.

“In addition to expanding its service area, UPS improved time in transit to 24 countries, primarily emerging markets, thereby increasing customers’ speed to market. This includes India, where UPS recently announced an investment to consolidate and strengthen its position by attaining full ownership in its express services in one of the world’s fastest growing economies.”

Jean-Francois Condamine, UPS president of Growth and Emerging Markets

Saturday Delivery Expansion

UPS also added Saturday delivery in seven ISMEA countries, later pickup times in 22 European countries, and later cut-off times in five countries in Asia.

Later pickup times and cut-off times provide businesses benefits such as more time to focus on production and order fulfillment.

Freight Expansion

For customers with urgent freight needs, UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday now offers time-definite delivery of international palletized shipments to over 39,000 new postal codes in Europe.

The additional postal codes increases the footprint of this guaranteed service by five times, enabling shipments to over 35 countries and territories and the ability to receive packages from over 70 countries and territories.

Here is the UPS infographic showing their expanded footprint and the services available for each country. Use the download link to save the graphic to your computer.

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