UPS and Pilots Union Agree on Contract Extension

UPS and Pilots Union Agree on Contract Extension

UPS and the Independent Pilots Association, the union that represents the company’s 2,959 flight crewmembers, have reached a tentative agreement on a two-year contract extension.

Upon ratification, the extension will go into effect at the end of the current contract, September 1, 2021, and become amendable September 1, 2023.

“Our pilots do a great job flying for our customers, so we’re pleased to have come to an agreement with IPA leaders to extend the existing contract. Upon ratification, we will be able to continue rewarding our personnel for their contributions to UPS’s growth and business success, while ensuring we are positioned to serve our customers in the growing global air express market.”


UPS Airlines President Brendan Canavan

Key components of the tentative agreement include annual wage increases and pension enhancements.

UPS pilots will review the contract through March 10, then conduct a three-week ratification vote that will conclude on March 31.

After the lengthy and tumultuous contract negotiations between UPS and its drivers and workers, the labor contract with its Pilots seems to have been agreed upon with relative ease.

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