Update to PayPal User Agreement Requires Merchants to Publish Customer Service Contact Information

PayPal User Agreement Updates

Over the weekend, Paypal sent out an email to account holders in the U.S. with important changes to its user agreements.

The email covered a number of PayPal services, however, the main PayPal Account User Agreement had two important changes that may require merchants to modify their websites.

  • PayPal is requiring that merchants publish customer service information, including at least one email address or customer service URL, and a telephone number, which must be readily accessible for review by merchants’ customers.
  • Paypal is clarifying how merchants must treat PayPal and Venmo marks and payment methods offered at points of sale.

These two changes to the user agreement will go into effect on March 12.

There are a number of other “business practices” changes, specifically dealing with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), reoccurring payments, arbitration, etc.

To review all changes to the PayPal user and services agreements that will go into effect in March, follow this link here.

What do you think about the PayPal user and services agreement changes?

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  1. Hello Richard, I also sell on eBay and was concerned about the new PayPal user agreement. Are they talking about websites’ phone numbers (since eBay’s customer support number is already available I don’t need to worry)? … Or will I have to start giving my eBay customers my phone number? Thanks for your insights. Leroy

    • I don’t see how this policy applies to marketplaces. By policy, most marketplaces like eBay do not allow listing email and phone numbers, the primary points of contact are the messaging system or the customer support services by the marketplace (eBay). Marketplaces have robust systems in place to deal with customer complaints. I think what PayPal is trying to solve here is the part-time shop running a website on a $10 server that doesn’t provide point of contact information. Unfortunately, there are still too many out there like that.



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