In 2014, Matthew Ogborne spent his vacation in Spain writing a book. The first edition of the The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Software was released on later in the year.

He wrote the book to compliment a business venture ( he started with his friend Dave Furness. Both had been in the corporate world of eCommerce and saw too many small business owners make the same mistakes over and over again.

So they decided to team up and do something about it. is a premium destination for teaching small businesses owner how to maximize open source software.

With their easy to understand Plain English method, any businesses can act like a big seller.

The site provides simple step by step directions to setup a multi-channel eCommerce businesses from scratch. No prior knowledge required!

Over 500 tutorial videos go through every detail from signing up with a web host to setting up a blog to market your site. All in Plain English, not Nerd Talk!

For 2017, we are releasing the 2nd Edition of The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Software eBook on eSellerCafe.

This time Matt’s business partner, Dave Furness, updated the book with new relevant information and topics for small business owners.

The world of eCommerce doesn’t stand still and the book updates and adds more information to teach a business owner how to get started with Multi-Channel Software.

Like the first edition, the eBook requires no prior knowledge of Multi Channel software. Here is a list of the chapters and topics covered in the book:

  1. Introduction to Multi-Channel Software
  2. Stock Control, The Key Requirement
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Templates
  5. Order Management
  6. The Generations of Software
  7. Why Any Software is Good Software
  8. Which is Best for Me. Desktop or Web Based Software
  9. How to Work Out How Much The Software Will Really Cost You
  10. 5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
  11. I’m Already Using Company XYZ. Should I Move?
  12. Arh, I Need Help!

Most chapters have 4 to 7 subchapters to get into the details of the topic covered. With 82 pages full of information, the book provides you more information for free in Simple English then you will find anywhere else.

To receive The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Software –  2nd Edition for Free, all you need to do is provide the information below and we will send you a link by email to download the book.

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