Trustpilot Releases New Features to Improve Transparency and Trust

Trustpilot New Features

Trustpilot announced the release of its new Transparent Inviting feature. The feature provides greater insight into how every company receives, invites, and how much they respond to reviews on, helping everyone to make better decisions about which companies they choose to trust and buy from.

Its introduction is a world-first and is the next step in Trustpilot’s broader initiative to bring more openness and transparency to its platform and the review space as a whole.

“Reviews are fundamental to how companies and consumers of all ages engage, improve things and build trust. I believe deeply that it’s not just how many stars companies have, but how they get those stars that matters. This is what companies and consumers are telling us and why we continue innovating to remain the world’s most transparent review platform.”


Peter Mühlmann, Founder and CEO at Trustpilot

Anyone with a buying or service experience can post a company review on Trustpilot at any time, and companies cannot pre-screen or moderate what other consumers read.

Every company can also use Trustpilot to invite and respond to reviews for free and purchase additional tools that automate the review invitation and insight gathering process.

New Trustpilot Features

The new Transparent Inviting feature now allows everyone to see:

  • Whether the company invited the reviews or not (‘organic’ reviews), the split between the two, and how this affects the TrustScore
  • Star distribution by reviews source
  • Timeline of reviews received over the past 12 months
  • Whether a company responds to all, some, or no consumer reviews.
  • Other useful information includes how recently they were reviewed and when the company first set-up or ‘Claimed’ their Trustpilot account
  • Whether a company is using Trustpilot’s free or paid services
  • If the company uses review incentives

The new Transparent Inviting feature will also complement the existing information from Trustpilot’s Transparent Flagging initiative, showing how companies flag reviews should they believe they do not adhere to Trustpilot’s user guidelines.

Providing more transparency is essential for people who use Trustpilot. A survey of more than 2,000 UK Trustpilot users reveals 84% want to know more about how companies use reviews behind the scenes, and 78% said knowing this would make them trust those companies more.

All information relating to how businesses receive reviews and flag reviews will now be displayed in the ‘activities’ section of the companies profile page on

What do you think about these new features on Trustpilot?

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