Trustpilot Partners with Magento Commerce for Powerful Customer Reviews Integration

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Trustpilot, a leading global customer review platform, today announced a partnership with Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation.

The partnership allows Magento Commerce merchants to invite consumers to review products and services on one of the world’s largest review platforms, opening the door to deep business insights, strong brand reputation, and tangible marketing benefits to drive customer retention and growth.

“Simply put, businesses that actively invite and promote customer feedback build stronger, better performing brands. Just by listening to their customers and establishing two-way communication, e-commerce owners and managers unlock a wealth of knowledge that can propel the brand and the business forward.

Our partnership with Magento Commerce allows strong brands to continue to excel while helping others constantly refine their service and offerings. It’s a huge win for businesses and consumers alike.”

Peter Mühlmann, CEO of Trustpilot

With the Trustpilot-Magento integration, merchants can:

  • Engage in customer dialogue – Customers are 15 percent more likely to purchase when they see companies addressing problems online, and 70 percent will return if their problem is resolved.
  • Automate the customer feedback loop – Invite customers to review products and services based on order triggers on their Magento Commerce store.
  • Build and strengthen their brand – Showcase reviews and ratings collected by a trusted third party and leverage their Trustpilot business profile page to extend reach and drive the first impression to consumers searching their business.
  • Drive growth – Utilize ratings and reviews across various marketing initiatives, including AdWords campaigns. Trustpilot users are eligible for Google Seller Ratings, which can boost clickthrough rate on ads by as much as 10 percent.

“As industry trailblazers, the team at Trustpilot has continued to drive innovation in leading-edge review software our customers need to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

We are pleased to welcome Trustpilot as a Technology Partner and look forward to helping our joint merchants achieve Google Seller Ratings and stronger brand reputations.

Over the past several years, the Trustpilot team has demonstrated the technical ability, commitment to quality, and market focus that we look for in a technology partner.”

Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development at Magento Commerce

For more information, visit or Magento’s Technology Partner page.

Press Release

Trustpilot: June 7, 2018. Information sourced from company press release. Minor editorial changes were made for clarity and layout.


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