True Fit and Google Cloud Partner to Help Retailers Leverage the Fashion Genome

True Fit, the data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel, has struck a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to make it easy for retailers to leverage the Fashion Genome, the largest connected data set for fashion.

Retailers can use the Fashion Genome to insert style, fit, and size recommendations into every phase of the customer journey.

Together, True Fit and Google Cloud are helping retailers go beyond the hype cycle of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to drive value straight to retailers’ P&L.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Returns

Retailers that use True Fit’s platform on Google Cloud’s infrastructure drive incremental revenue, reduce returns and increase customer lifetime value and loyalty.

With True Fit on Google Cloud, the improved processing power, speed, and reliability results in faster machine learning for improved shopper experiences, relevance, and insights.

“Data can either be a retailer’s biggest challenge or biggest gift. We’re thrilled to partner with True Fit and further help retailers harness the power of data to build better, more personalized shopping experiences that ultimately drive sales and build a more loyal customer base.”

Carrie Tharp, Vice President of Retail, Google Cloud   

What do you think of True Fit teaming up with Google Cloud?

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