Top Ways To Save Time in Gmail

Gmail inbox

The business that was once conducted face-to-face is now typically handled over email. If you are like most entrepreneurs and executives you use email as a sort of to-do list, or reminder what is needed from you. But every hour, day, and year this to-do list becomes more and more unmanageable.

If you do use your inbox to prioritize your workday you can implement a star system to rank the order of importance for emails and tasks. If productivity is your concern, you can create boilerplate email templates for those mundane questions that you are continually faced with. Automating your workflow will allow for far more effective in other aspects of your job.

The Email Burden

When our inboxes become overloaded we usually start unceremoniously deleting those pesky mass email marketing campaigns that they can’t seem to unsubscribe themselves from. Others simply avoid opening these emails to focus on the important actionable messages. Thankfully, products like allow you to manage your subscriptions in bulk and even categorize newsletters to keep everything organized.

Since your job title does not likely contain the word email, we shouldn’t dedicate the majority of our career writing, reading, and responding to emails. If you want to hack your email processes, utilize some of these Gmail hacks from GetVoIP:

gmail tips to have more productive email

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