Tips For eBay Sellers For Holiday Season 2017

ebay holiday season

As the holiday season draws near, sellers are busy preparing their stocks for it. Many consumers as well are preparing for the eventual spending. There are optimal ways sellers can prepare for the holidays.

Here are some ways that eBay sellers can prepare going into the holidays this year.

9 Tips for eBay sellers this holiday season

  1. Opt-in to guaranteed delivery.
    Customers would want to have their purchases delivered on time, especially during the holidays. That can be difficult with many packages coming out. Sellers might want to opt-in to have a specified time of delivery or else have a guaranteed end-to-end delivery date.
  2. Optimize eBay listings.
    Updating listings can be a good thing. Some of the listings might already be outdated and needs to be revised. An updated listing would reflect the current stock rather than one that is outdated, and give you the ability to re-focus your copy on the seasonality.
  3. Offer 30-day free returns.
    People love anything that is free, and this is one service that people would appreciate. With so many orders, sellers will likely make some mistakes. Offering a free 30-day return is also a good way to have good relationship with customers and help build trust.ebay logo
  4. Leverage eBay promoting tools.
    eBay promoting tools such as markdown manager and promotions manager can be helpful for sellers. Markdown manager can help in getting discount on all items being sold, while promotions manager helps in managing campaigns and promos.  Now is the perfect time to start experimenting.
  5. Pay attention to eBay guidance on pricing.
    Though sellers can set prices, eBay has recommended prices for items as well. This is so that customers won’t be paying something that might not be the same as that of the market price.  Make sure your pricing strategy is up to date as it is still a core reason why people buy.
  6. Redeem quarterly coupons for eBay supplies.
    Sellers on eBay are given coupons that can be used for supplies. Sellers can take advantage of this to get holiday themed supplies.
  7. Give promoted listings a chance.
    Sellers can set campaigns to promote items. All that needs to be done is to set the amount for the item, and then eBay does most of the other things.  Trial it with a handful of products and you may be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Use eBay Authenticate for designer items.
    This service is for designer items so that they can be identified as authentic. With the service, counterfeit items being sold would be minimized.  A huge trust builder for those high end items this holiday season.
  9. Leave no item unlisted.
    For the holidays especially, list all items that are to be sold. That would ensure that they would be up for selling.  It is easy for some SKU’s to fall through the cracks and not get relisted.  Keep on top of your stock at all times in your busiest sales period.

Do you feel that you are prepared for the holiday season?  Let us know in the comments below how you have prepared this year.

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  1. G’day. Regarding point #4, unfortunately eBay in their infinite wisdom have removed accessibility to Markdown Manager. Everything else is awesome info though, cheers!

    • I think in some markets that is correct, they have removed the Markdown Manager and completely replaced it with the Promotions Manager. Unfortunately, as that is a fluid situation from country site to country site, we could have worded that information better.

      Thank you for your comment,


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