Three Major Updates to Stripe’s Payment Platform Increase Business Reliability and Revenue


Payment processing solution Stripe announced three significant updates to its core payments platform to help its millions of users increase their revenue:

  • Worldwide direct connectivity to six major card networks.
  • A revenue optimization engine.
  • Stripe Issuing, now available to all U.S. businesses.

Amid the current coronavirus disruption, several years of offline-to-online migration are being compressed into a few months.

For new (or newly online) businesses, these announcements mean increased revenue, reliability, and global reach. And for Stripe’s growing enterprise customer base—including Wayfair, Peloton, Zoom and Instacart—these updates will help maximize authorization rates as they respond to spikes in demand.

Direct Platform Connectivity Delivers Flawless Service

Capping a decade-long investment in its global payments and treasury network, Stripe now processes card transactions through direct integrations with all six major card networks in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

By exchanging information directly with the card networks, rather than relying on intermediaries, Stripe can reduce latency and remove potential points of failure for its customers.

Stripe now handles more than 250 million API requests a day—and often upwards of 10,000 per second—while maintaining 99.999% uptime.

The direct platform further bolsters Stripe’s reliability and ensures better authorization rates (more legitimate transactions approved) for users who care about the best performance.

For enterprise customers like Shopify (now handling Black Friday-level traffic every day) and Instacart (experiencing a 300% increase in customer demand year on year), Stripe’s platform helps maximize their growth potential.

“As businesses around the world respond to the new normal, they’re rethinking how they engage with customers more than ever. It’s critical that our payments infrastructure is highly reliable as we elastically scale in response to customer demand. We look forward to continued partnership with Stripe as Twilio powers new forms of customer engagement around the world.”


Mark Nelson, VP of Billing Platform at Twilio

Stripe Revenue Optimization Engine Furthers In-Roads With Enterprise Clients

Stripe’s enterprise momentum continues to gather pace in 2020 with companies including Zoom, Westfield and Just Eat making the switch.

As these enterprises respond to surges in demand and re-orient towards online services, Stripe’s engineering teams continuously deploy micro-optimizations to generate extra revenue.

By applying machine-learning technology used in its fraud-prevention tool Radar to develop bank-specific profiles, Stripe dynamically routes, adapts and retries transactions to maximize authorization rates (without increasing fraud rates).

Since each of several thousand individual banks interprets and processes transaction requests differently, Stripe regularly updates and tunes its requests accordingly. Stripe’s revenue optimization engine is expected to generate an incremental $2.5 billion for businesses running on Stripe this year.

“This extra revenue would’ve been welcome under normal circumstances, but it’s critical in times like these. The Stripe team will keep shipping updates like these—from home—so our customers receive every penny they’re due.”


John Collison, President and Co-founder of Stripe

Stripe Launches Issuing

For most of the past decade, millions of users have come to Stripe for infrastructure focused on payment acceptance.

More recently, businesses wanted help easily creating cards and precisely controlling their spending. In response, Stripe built Issuing, fully programmable infrastructure for cards.

As the first fully self-serve product for issuing new contactless cards, Stripe Issuing has also reduced the time required to create a card from around two months to two minutes (for virtual cards) or two days (for physical cards).

Now, any company can get started immediately. Already, companies like Zipcar, Carrot and Postmates are using Issuing to create hundreds of thousands of cards every month to manage how drivers, employees and couriers spend money.

As of today, Stripe Issuing is available to all Stripe users in the U.S.

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