The Essential Guide To Using Hashtags For Marketing


One way of effectively improving your social media engagement is by using hashtags. Hashtags are omnipresent on every social media site. One reason is that people love putting them on their social media posts.

Another reason is that it makes it easier to search for things in the vast space of social media. But what makes it even great for business is that you can use it for marketing to assist potential new customers to help find your online store.

A hashtag is a word or phrase written without spaces and has a hashtag sign in front of the word. It also doesn’t use any punctuation marks or any character except for numerical numbers.

It first became popular on Twitter which turns any words or phrases into searchable links. Readers will easily find any of your posts by using a specific hashtag.

Use hashtags to classify your photos

You can use hashtags to classify your photos from the rest of the uploaded images. Doing so can help your customers see what others are saying about you. They can just type the hashtag related to your brand and they will immediately see all the related posts and photos.

Use hashtags to create noise

You can use hashtags to promote any events, contests or campaigns for your business. Using images together with a catchy phrase that has your hashtag can effectively create a buzz about your business.

Use hashtags to gain more followers

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You can use different hashtags for various products, events, location, and lifestyle topics. For example, you may want to use #fashion if you’re selling fashion accessories. Doing so can help people search for you and find your products.

It’s also important to interact with your potential customers. Try to search for the hashtag #fashion and ensure that you leave a comment and even like other people’s post so that they’ll notice and probably even take interest in you. It’s one of the best ways to get more followers and get the attention that you want for your business.

Using hashtags can be a great business strategy once you know how to do it. Make it a point that the hashtags that you use are relevant to your business or people might think that you’re spamming them.

Have you seen success with hashtags on social media for your business? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below to let us know.

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