Trump Administration Latest China Tariffs Could Impact Small Business Online Sellers

The Trump administration announced a new list of tariffs on Chinese products on Monday that may impact up to $200 billion in goods. In a statement, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, an executive office of the President of the United States, said” “As part of the United States’ continuing response to China’s […]

eBay Raises Concerns About President Trump’s Trade Wars

eBay on its eBay Main Street blog published a statement raising concerns for small businesses potentially getting tangled up in President Trump’s trade wars with China, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The statement reads: “After campaigning on protecting American jobs from foreign competition, President Trump and his administration have announced and implemented tariffs on a number […]

President Trump’s Trade War with China Has Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Concerned

Alibaba Jack Ma

Jack Ma, wonders out loud about the wisdom of the U.S. engaging in a trade war with China. While President Trump was elected on the promise to make changes to the trade policies by the United States, Ma is concerned that the rhetoric and knee-jerk actions will only cause a loss of jobs and business. […]