UK Agrees Deal With Huawei Over 5G Technology

Huawei 5G

Just days away from Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a bold move in agreeing in part to a deal where Huawei would help bring the 5G infrastructure to the UK. This is a big deal as the USA had been strongly opposed of this deal for the main reason of security. Huawei […]

Tech resources for the Millennial landlord

Managing a property is a great way to make income, but it’s also possible to make costly mistakes or end up with a bad tenant you can’t easily get rid of. With the right tech resources, though, you can avoid most of these issues and make a smooth start as a landlord. Online screening tools […]

3 Ways Tech is Shaping The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is changing on a daily basis, and even though you can buy everything you need in a restaurant supply store, you’d be surprised by the ways technology has changed the shape of everyday supplies. Restaurant instruments have changed dramatically through the years, with the development and implementation of user-centric industrial design concepts. […]

Customer Experience and Technology Top Priorities for Online Businesses in 2019

customer experience

ATLANTA, GA – November 29, 2018 – 2Checkout, the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses, today announces its report on eCommerce Trends to Consider in 2019, based on a survey of 1,000 companies across the world. Participating companies span a wide spectrum of industries and sizes, yet all report similar priorities and concerns around their online presence. […]

Technology and eCommerce Are Now Driving China’s Small Businesses’ to Success

Recent survey findings from the CPA Australia North China Committee showed a high level of optimism among small businesses located in Mainland China. The survey also showed the importance of investing in technology and how it helped companies to increase its revenue in 2017. According to Kevin Ng, member of CPA Australia North China Committee, […]

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond Announced $663M for Tech Industry

big ben with technology theme

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced that the government is set to invest at least $663M in a range of initiatives from AI, to 5G and full fibre internet connection. This is the government’s attempt to kickstart the UK’s dreary productivity. According to Mr. Hammond, the government is planning to invest at least £500 million ($663 million) […]

Apple Acquires Vrvana

Apple Vrvana

Augmented reality is the next big thing when it comes to technology and entertainment. Apple has been working on it, and has stepped up by acquiring augmented reality headset maker Vrvana. With this, Apple looks poised to bring augmented reality headsets to the world by 2020. Vrvana has already created the Totem headset. While that […]

Alipay Has World’s First Facial Recognition Payment System

smile to pay alipay facial recognition

Alipay has a new revolutionary payment technology that is rolling out to smartphones in the east. That technology is a facial recognition payment system they are calling Smile To Pay. Operating this Smile To Pay system for Alipay is the Ant Financial Services Group. Alipay introduce ‘Smile To Pay’ The Smile To Pay facial recognition […]

Significant Trends For eCommerce – Voice Search & 3D Modelling

new voice search technology ecommerce

As technology moves forward, eCommerce moves along with it especially since it is dependent on advancement on technology. Will Voice Search create V-Commerce? Voice search is one of the trending innovations for eCommerce today with Amazon Echo and Google Home as well as Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. Voice search will only grow more as […]