Royal Mail Workers’ Black Friday Strike Spells Big Trouble

Royal Mail Strike

Online retailers and their physical counterparts are bound to face a colossal problem in the days leading up to Black Friday and Christmas once Royal Mail workers start staging a strike. Although the dates for the nationwide strike have yet to be announced, many are speculating that it’s likely to happen on Black Friday as […]

Amazon workers plan strike during Prime Day at Minnesota warehouse

Amazon Fulfillment Robotics

According to a report by Bloomberg, Amazon workers at the Minnesota Shakopee fulfillment center plan a six hour strike on July 15, to coincide with the start of this year’s Prime Day sale. The online retailer recently announced it was holding its annual Prime Day sale this year on July 15 and 16, expanding it […]

Canada Post Struggles with Backlog – Over 6 Million Packages Still Undelivered

While the Canadian government put a temporary halt to the worker’s strike at Canada Post a few weeks ago, the postal service is struggling to just catch up with the backlog. READ MORE: Canada Post Workers Ordered Back to Work Today As of yesterday, CBC News reported that Canada Post has over 6 million undelivered packages […]

Canada Post Workers Ordered Back to Work Today

The Canada Post workers’ strike is temporarily over because the Canadian Senate approved Bill C-89 by a vote of 53-25 to force an end to the strike. The back-to-work bill was rushed through the House of Commons last week and then submitted to the Senate over the weekend. The federal government deemed passage of the […]

Canada Post Makes Last Ditch Effort to Save Holiday Season – Union Rejects

With rotating strikes taking a huge toll on parcel deliveries, including a request by Canada Post for international postal service to stop sending shipments, the Canadian postal carrier made one last ditch effort to save the holiday season. It had proposed a cooling-off period with additional incentives to postal workers and try to work on […]

UPS Freight Workers Ratify New Labor Contract – Avoid Strike

UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamster (IBT) announced that UPS Freight employees have ratified the company’s last labor agreement. “It is an agreement that rewards our employees for their contributions to the success of the company, while enabling UPS to remain competitive. We will resume normal operations and will immediately begin accepting new volume from […]

Canada Post Worker Strike in Third Week – No End in Sight

The Canada Post worker strike is now in its third week and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. While the strike is a rotating strike, meaning it moves almost daily from one location to another, it has hit the three largest processing centers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal for up to 48 […]

UPS Freight Preparing For Strike – Will Halt Pickups

UPS and the Teamsters Freight National Bargaining Committee concluded their round of discussions last week regarding a new labor contract. UPS feels they made a fair Last, Best, and Final offer, but the union is not endorsing the offer to its members. Instead, the union is asking members to vote on the new labor contract, […]

Canada Post Strike May Hurt Canadian Workers as Businesses Shift Services

“It’s a consumer’s world right now. … They want their packages yesterday. When delays happen, there’s a risk the customer will bash them online or complain and ask for a refund, which could be a revenue loss.” Mo Datoo, director of strategy and planning at eShipper (Source: The Globe and Mail) It appears many small […]

Canada Post Rotating Worker Strike

Sellers shipping to Canada should be aware that Canada Post workers are currently on 24-hour rotating strikes that started yesterday in Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor and Halifax and moved to the Greater Toronto region today. While this is not a nationwide total stoppage, it may still impact some shipments within Canada and going to and from Canada. […]