Snapchat Rolls Out New Visual Search for Products on Amazon

Snapchat announced today they are slowly releasing a new function the app app that allows users to take a snap (image) and then use the image to search for items on Amazon. “Simply point your Snapchat camera at a physical product or barcode, and press and hold on the camera screen to get started. When […]

Amazon May Become Third Largest Digital Advertising Platform in 2018

When one thinks of digital advertising platforms, Google and Facebook are leading the pack. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as Google and YouTube are the two top websites in the world with Facebook being number three. These two companies generated $61 billion and $27 billion respectively in ad revenue for the first three quarters of 2017. […]

Facebook Reigns Supreme for social media eCommerce Attribution

facebook videos

Small business eCommerce owners often struggle to figure out where to place their marketing Dollars. Social media has proven to be a success for many, but with so many choices, on which platform should you promote? Is Snapchat, the latest darling of social media, an excellent opportunity? Could Instagram, which now touts over 800 million […]

Alibaba Taobao Maker Festival Showing The Future of eCommerce?

Image: Taobao | Taobao Festival Crowd

Alibaba is concluding today their second annual Taobao Maker Festival. This five-day event spotlights young entrepreneurs that have become a prominent and ever-growing presence on China’s largest eCommerce platform. What makes this festival so unique is that it aims at younger Millennials and Generation Z’ers. It also highlights how China’s shopping culture is very different […]

Is Snapchat Adding eCommerce with Paypal?

Snapchat & Paypal logos

MightySignal, a blog about mobile eCommerce, posted they found the PayPal SDK in the latest version of Snapchat’s Android and iOS apps. IS SNAPCHAT FINALLY GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT MONETIZATION? The new social media darling is overhyped and needs to start earning revenues. Forget about actually being profitable, but with a market cap of $24+ billion, the […]

Amazon Hiring Social Media influencers

Social Media Promotion

Social media influencers are becoming the new “opt-in” mailing list for major brands. If you asked people on the street who is the most famous social media person and you would likely hear the name, Kim Kardashian. Of course, the list of top social media personalities includes many entertainers and sports stars such as Lady […]

Study finds that 58% of college students are checking Snapchat first

With all the hype around Snapchat recently and online sellers wondering if the hype is worth incorporating Snapchat into their social media marketing programs, this data point may help your decision. There is no doubt Facebook is still the king of all social media with 1.87 billion users and Snapchat is right now hovering around […]

Social Media Darling Snapchat IPO Rockets to $24.48 Per Share on Day One

Snap, Inc, the company behind the popular Snapchat app went public today and gained nearly 44% in stock value on its first day of trading. The stock rose from its IPO offering price of $17 per share to $24.48 at the closing bell. Nearly 200 million shares changed hands today, that is about the same […]