The Impact of Online Reviews on SEO

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While part of any successful search engine optimization (SEO) approach is often overlooked, reputation management is being taken into consideration more strongly than ever before. In reality, 93% of consumers use online reviews in determining their buying decisions. Search engines such as Google are extremely capable of following consumer trends, the manner they look for certain […]

Unlock Synergies Between SEO and Advertising on Amazon

Unlock Synergies Between SEO and Advertising on Amazon

As a brand or an agency, search engine optimisation (SEO) and online advertising (Pay-Per-Click; PPC) in Google search are probably pillars of your online marketing strategy. You most likely have dedicated teams for each area that are equipped with the necessary skills to drive success. But while SEO and advertising are distinctive, separate disciplines in […]

4 benefits of having a blog for your business


There are lots of different benefits that blogging provides a business. The reality is, every business has lots of different ways to reach their customers, and a blog is another way to personalize content to reach customers and develop loyalty to your brand. The key for a successful blog is to have great writing along […]

The Ecommerce Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content

Content marketing can achieve many things, to say the least. From building brand awareness to getting more targeted leads and boosting sales, this method has proven to be effective. Moreover, businesses that engage in content marketing are the ones who keep up with the competition, because more and more companies resort to such a strategy. […]

How material of a website affects its SEO

We all know the most commonly used terms in SEO revolve around keywords, brainstorming, and the content of a website, which plays a vital role in ranking it. The whole material of a website is based on relevancy, and if there isn’t any, then Google can penalize for providing incorrect information. This happens mostly when […]

The Building Blocks Of SEO

“SEO” is one of those buzzwords that everyone knows, but that few people understand. Most of us know that SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and that it tailors our online presence to search engine programs and algorithms like the ones designed by Google. The more attractive our websites look to Google, the higher they’ll […]

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization And Why Should You Pay Attention To It?

Driving traffic to your website is all good and well, but if your site isn’t appropriately optimized for these visitors, your SEO/advertising efforts will prove to be fruitless (and costly) when it comes to generating actual sales. Conversion rate optimization is the process of turning visitors to your site into customers. You could even argue […]

How SEO & Social Media Work Together

SEO & Social Media Laptop

In the world of digital marketing, it’s no hidden secret that it can be incredibly difficult to get yourself, your brand and your business is seen by consumers and other businesses alike. Fortunately, with a multitude of social media platforms to join and a number of SEO techniques you can use to your advantage, it’s […]

eCommerce SEO Tips for Client-Oriented Sellers

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Many eCommerce websites don’t take SEO seriously and focus mostly on PPC and social media ads to promote their sites. eCommerce SEO is not easy, and it may take a lot of time and efforts to set up. But if set up properly, it will bring you quality traffic that converts. SEO is that powerful […]

Google Clarifies Mobile-First Search Ranking Change

Recently, Google announced they are making a significant shift in how they rank websites based on how the site ranks as a mobile website. READ MORE: Google’s New Mobile-First Indexing May Have eCommerce Implications While the company has been testing the feature for about a year and a half, the full-scale implementation of the new direction […]