Are Smart Homes Private & Secure By Design? – ESET Report

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Smart devices are becoming more and more popular as we have reported a number of times here at eSellerCafe. In 2017 the Amazon Echo smart speaker was the most sold item on Amazon globally.  With this increasing willingness and acceptance amongst the population to welcome smart devices into their homes, it begs the question about […]

How To Be Safer On Your Mobile Phone in 2018

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It’s difficult to imagine life without having your phone to hand, which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure it’s protected. The more reliant on phones we become, the more opportunities hackers have for stealing our information or spreading viruses — but you can stay one step ahead. Here’s a guide to […]

eCommerce Safe Zones, This is a Thing Now?

West Carrollton police department eCommerce Exchange Zone

Most online retailers use the post office or a courier company to deliver their products. Some smaller businesses or individuals selling unique goods may offer to meet customers. This is especially true if you are selling in your local area and you operate from your house. You may not want your customer to know you are a […]