Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Amazon is Exploiting Consumers During COVID-19


In a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, two California residents “seek to hold Amazon accountable for its unlawful price increases during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The plaintiffs allege in the 47-page complaint, “Exploiting consumers in their most vulnerable hour is not only contrary to basic human decency—it […]

Online Merchants Guild Blasts States’ Attorneys For Failing to Hold Amazon Accountable on Price Gouging

Amazon Logo on Fulfillment Warehouse

The Online Merchants Guild (OMG), a trade association for ecommerce businesses published an Open Letter to State Attorneys General, criticizing states for failing to hold Amazon accountable for price gouging, when it was legally Amazon’s responsibility to prevent price gouging, and otherwise unconstitutional for states to be pursuing their merchants. The letter describes how States’ […]