Adobe Unveils New Customer Experience Management Innovations at NRF 2020

The retail industry is going through a radical change. Customers today are interacting with their favorite brands on mobile devices and computers, using in-store kiosks, engaging with emails or on various social channels, and meeting the needs of the digital consumer has become a mandate for all retailers, regardless of size. The latest holiday season […]

Store Closures Would Lead to Amazon’s Gain

store closures

With store closures occuring around the world in the thousands, good times are in the offing for Amazon, according to an analyst from Goldman Sachs. If the closures continue at this rate, an estimated 12,000 retailers will be out of business by the end of 2019. Meaning consumers will be spending their money on online […]

Etsy Launches New Feature to Improve Personalization of Items

Etsy said that during last year’s holiday season, over 25 percent of shoppers placed requests with buyers to personalize items. To make this process more efficient, Etsy created a new field that sellers can switch on for listing where the seller offers personalization. In this field, buyers can specify important details about their personalized order […]

Amazon, Sephora, and Nordstrom Rank Top On Personalized Marketing


Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora were selected as peer-voted best-in-class Retailers who are proactively utilizing Personalization in their marketing strategy. Exchange Solutions and Go-to-Market Pros announced the results as part of the first phase of its latest independent study entitled “Best Practices in Retail Marketing Personalization”. Personalization is quickly becoming one of the most important factors […]