Google Removes AdSense Apps From iOS and Android

Google AdWords

Last July, Google announced it would be changing the mobile experience of AdSense for publishers by discontinuing the stand-alone mobile apps on iOS and Android. The company acknowledged that more than one-third of users were using mobile apps to check on their advertising revenue. However, Google also believed moving the reporting tool to a web […]

Alibaba Group’s Tmall Drives Innovation For Beauty Brands After COVID-19

Tmall 2020 Beauty Awards

Alibaba Group’s B2C ecommerce platform Tmall outlined plans this week to aid beauty and personal-care brands pick up the pace of growth and digital transformation as they deal with the consequences of coronavirus (COVID-19) to their business. After the launch of Alibaba’s Spring Thunder Initiative, which seeks to assist small to mid-sized enterprises manage the […]

UPS Hosts Digital Marketing Webinar to Help Small Businesses Navigate COVID-19 Crisis

UPS to host digital marketing webinar

With the coronavirus emergency keeping many people at home, UPS will hold a webinar designed to help small businesses adapt and transform marketing strategies to digital. The free webinar will be held at 1 PM (EDT) on Thursday, April 16. UPS and digital experience agency Econsultancy will discuss strategies to convert marketing, commerce, and customer […]

Blueshift Integrates Magento and Shopify Online Commerce Platforms

Blueshift Magento Shopify

Digital AI-powered marketing platform Blueshift now integrates with popular ecommerce platforms Shopify and Magento. The integrations connect Shopify and Magento stores with Blueshift, synchronizing all ecommerce data to help marketers improve multi-channel customer experiences and workflows. The new integrations make it simple for brands to sync historical and real-time product catalog, transaction, and user behavior […]

Selling on Etsy Just Became More Expensive for Some Sellers


This morning, Etsy announced a new advertising service called Offsite Ads, which forces many sellers to participate without an option to opt out. Etsy will pay the advertising costs to promote listings on multiple internet platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bing. When a shopper clicks on an online offsite ad featuring a […]

Unlock Synergies Between SEO and Advertising on Amazon

Unlock Synergies Between SEO and Advertising on Amazon

As a brand or an agency, search engine optimisation (SEO) and online advertising (Pay-Per-Click; PPC) in Google search are probably pillars of your online marketing strategy. You most likely have dedicated teams for each area that are equipped with the necessary skills to drive success. But while SEO and advertising are distinctive, separate disciplines in […]

Get Ahead of The Competition on eBay and Amazon in 2020

eBay Marketplace

Getting ahead of the competition on marketplaces, such as eBay or Amazon, isn’t the same as it used to be. These big ecommerce platforms are major sources of revenue for many sellers. However, the rules of the game have changed. The reason for this is first of all the fact that the battle for customer […]

Adobe Analytics Helps Close the Gap Between Online and Physical Retail

Retailers are coming off a busy season. Adobe Analytics—used by 8 of the top 10 global Internet retailers to understand how customers shop—shows a final tally of $142.5 billion spent online from November to December, growing 13.1%. On Cyber Monday alone, nearly $10 Billion was spent online. While these figures are impressive, we also see […]

Study Shows Social Influencers Are Replacing Traditional Ad Agencies

Social Influencer

Brands are using social media influencers more than traditional creative agencies to sell their products, according to the historical data released by IZEA Worldwide, Inc., an online marketplace that connects marketers with content creators. The data, which includes the rates of micro-influencers and celebrities, showed the average costs for sponsored blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook […]

How to Improve Your Ecommerce Project Using Google AdWords

Google Search

There are lots to be said about Google AdWords. Some entrepreneurs decide to abandon it altogether and focus on entirely different prospects. However, Google Ads can be extremely useful, especially for those who do not have a budget for SEO or hiring influencers. On top of that, you can also make use of a free […]