Jeff Bezos Compares Amazon’s Business Growth with eBay’s

amazon vs ebay

“Third-party sellers are kicking our first party butt. Badly.” This was how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos started his annual letter to stakeholders. He held third-party sellers accountable for the 58% increase in physical gross merchandise sales on the Amazon marketplace from 3% 20 years ago. He stated in his letter that the total value of […]

Amazon Seller Escalates Account Suspension Appeal to Jeff Bezos and Loses

CNBC reports that Amazon seller Cheapskates Liquidators received an email from an Amazon employee who calls himself Paul (no last name provided) stating “Jeff Bezos received your email and I am responding on his behalf…” “Paul” goes on to say that “I have thoroughly reviewed your account and the information you have provided and determined that you may […]

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Meets with Bezos and Wenig

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on a U.S. tour, but with a focus on the West Coast of the U.S. and the tech industry. Yesterday, Trudeau spent time in San Francisco to pitch Canada as a solid choice for technology companies and startups. These visits come at a crucial time as the U.S., Canada, […]

From Obamacare to Bezoscare? Amazon May Lead The Way to Fix Healthcare

Amazon PillPack

Last week Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway announced a partnership to bring healthcare to its over one million employees and their families. Among those three businesses, Amazon is the largest employer. But Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate that owes its growth to its longtime Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett’s prowess in picking the right […]

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Say Logistics Technology Is Biggest Potential

Logistics Technology

Bitcoin may be the most in-demand form of investment with at least $66 billion total market cap nowadays but it’s far less in comparison to the freight industry. According to Digital Commerce 360, global logistics basically runs the world’s economy by creating jobs and even energizing international economies. Various eCommerce giants are seeing its growth […]

Trump Tweets, Amazon Drops

Just about the only person that currently can negatively impact Amazon is President Donald Trump. This morning he tweeted: Amazon’s stock lost about $5.7 billion in market valuation in under two hours but has regained this loss by mid-day. This is just a bit of a prime example of overreaction anytime Amazon makes it into the […]