5 Technological Innovations Rocking Ecommerce

Technology Rocks Ecommerce

The proliferation of mobile and Wi-Fi technology means just about every consumer is connected via cloud data services. With smartphones in nearly every pocket, consumers rely on ecommerce to make many of their spending decisions. The reliance makes it critically important to provide a truly unique user experience to successfully engage consumers in the ecommerce […]

Frost & Sullivan Awards Oro, Inc. With Its 2017 New Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan OroCommerce

Frost & Sullivan, a leading international business consulting firm that provides market analysis and research, awards Oro for its influential B2B eCommerce solution. OroCommerce was officially launched in January 2017 as an open source eCommerce technology company that offers fully integrated CRM system. Frost & Sullivan annually presents the award for B2B eCommerce Innovation to […]

What Apple needs now more than ever ‘One more thing’

apple HQ

In the world of technology and eCommerce innovation leads the way.  It is very much an innovate or die arena that we now find ourselves in. Amazon are without doubt a great example of a business which truly innovates throughout the entire business.  However in recent years perhaps one of the greatest innovators has fallen […]

Amazon’s Meteoric Success Due To Innovation

Amazon Innovation lightbulb image

Amazon has seen meteoric growth over the years. Whilst it has grown big, and surpassed many competitors it has remained relevant while doing so. What has been going for it is innovation.  A company cannot stay still on its same products forever; it has to grow along with its customers, and Amazon has been doing […]