3 Steps For Fostering Sustainability in The Age of ‘Fast and Free’ Shipping

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Sustainability in retail is a major conversation when we look at how we, as a society, can reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, this is an issue that consumers are now taking note of when making their purchasing decisions. A study by Future Commerce found that consumers increasingly care more about sustainable business practices, with […]

Some Etsy Sellers are Not Happy with The New Free Shipping Push

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This week Etsy announced it would make Free Shipping a core part of the Etsy shopping experience. READ MORE: Etsy to favor listings with free shipping in US search results Since last year there have been suggestions that Etsy may push toward a higher adoption of offering free shipping by sellers, but it has not […]

Etsy to favor listings with free shipping in US search results

Etsy Free Shipping

Etsy, the global marketplace for unique and creative goods, today announced plans to make free shipping a core part of the Etsy shopping experience. Etsy is providing sellers with tools and support to help them guarantee free shipping to US buyers who spend at least $35 in their shop. By making it easy for sellers […]

Etsy Q3 earnings call reveals push to sellers to offer free shipping

Etsy released its earnings report on Tuesday showing continuing growth and in revenue and profits. The company beat Wall Street Estimates which made the company’s stock soar over 25 percent on the news. Here are the basic results for Q3: GMS was $922.5 million in the third quarter of 2018. Total revenue was $150.4 million for the […]

Etsy Nudging Sellers to Free Shipping?

Years ago when eBay prioritized search results to favor listings that offered free shipping, many sellers bemoaned the platform’s move. Even today, there is significant vocal group of sellers that feels eBay pushed them away from the platform with that decision. It now seems Etsy may follow eBay footsteps slowly into that direction. Etsy is […]

NRF Says Consumers Want Online Shipping to be Quick and Free

The drumbeat about free shipping is supported by virtually anyone in the eCommerce business. That should no be a debate anymore! eBay is currently running a sweepstakes to try to entice more sellers to offer fast and free shipping to bring a more consistent buying experience to the platform. As a company, they know their […]

eBay Enticing Sellers to Offer More Expedited Shipping

Fast shipping on eBay has always been a bit of a battle between the marketplace and sellers. Many smaller sellers, especially micro and part-time sellers, struggle with the idea of next day shipment processing and using more expensive shipping options such as Priority Mail to offer expedited services. Many sellers accuse the company of pushing […]

Etsy Marketing Section Includes New Free Shipping Offer

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Etsy announced they are improving the marketing section in Etsy’s Shop Manager to make it easier for sellers to offer free shipping. While marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay have been pushing for free shipping, Etsy has not been as pro-active in promoting free shipping to sellers. There have been numerous surveys and studies that […]