As eCommerce Grows in 2020 is eBay Losing Relevancy?

eBay sign at San Jose corporate offices

Perhaps unsurprisingly thanks to the impact of Coronavirus and more people having to stay at home, there has been a boom in eCommerce, which has resulted in the eCommerce market reaching a level that was not forecast until 2022. The team over at eMarketer have put together a fantastic article outlining “US Ecommerce Growth” for […]

Report: Walmart Overtakes eBay In U.S. Online Commerce Market Share

Curbside pickup at Walmart store

MarketWatch reports citing data from eMarketer that in May, Walmart’s online sales surpassed eBay in market share of U.S. ecommerce sales. Amazon still leads the way in the number one spot dominating online commerce. In February, eMarketer published a graphic still showing eBay ahead of Walmart by .6 percentage points. This switch at the number […]

ShipStation Research – What Online Merchants Should Expect Beyond COVID-19

Woman wearing a face mask in public during coronavirus pandemic

As states are continuing to loosen up lockdown orders and more physical retailers are opening up again, online retailers may wonder how much of the COVID-19 shift to online will stick with consumers and what their expectations will be. The Coronavirus pandemic is significantly changing again the physical retail landscape with stores closing and some […]

U.S. Retail and Food Services Sales Crashed in April by Over 16 Percent

Store Closed COVID-19

This morning, the U.S. Department of Commerce releases its estimates of sales in the retail and food services sector for April 2020. As expected, physical retail took a huge toll, but nonstore retailers were up significantly over last year. While the collection methodology between Adobe’s Digital Economy Index and the commerce department is different, the […]

Preparing For The 2020 Coronavirus Holiday Season as an eCommerce Seller

ecommerce holiday season 2020

In January this year when Coronavirus was still seen as an issue for China, I wrote a prediction/advisory piece about how best to prepare your business for the impact of Coronavirus. Needless to say, while I stand by my advice, I couldn’t have predicted the spread that Coronavirus would have had across the globe. One […]

Ware2Go Survey: Dramatic Shift by Consumers Toward Online Commerce Likely to Stay

Online Shopping

UPS owned third-party fulfillment solution Ware2Go, announced results from a research study of American consumers’ shopping patterns in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. Over 1,000 consumers were surveyed in April 2020 to learn more about ecommerce and retail shopping, particularly related to social distancing practices during COVID-19. The survey also explored how shopping preferences are […]

Will Online and Marketplace Sales During COVID-19 Crisis Lead to Huge Return Requests?

Frustrate entrepreneur small business owner

As the COVID-19 pandemic emergency became more real for people, products flew off retailer shelves creating immediate shortages of many household items that couldn’t be resupplied from warehouse inventory. Never before has toilet paper been so popular that finding a few rolls is like finding gold and social media became flooded with toilet paper memes […]

4 Tips for Boosting Your E-Commerce Conversions

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If you’ve been in business long enough, you already know the value of innovation to the bottom line. No doubt, your enterprise has to undergo numerous changes to stay alive. With digital transformation being the order of the day, you will have to make the transition toward e-commerce. Sure enough, online transactions will become even […]