As eCommerce Grows in 2020 is eBay Losing Relevancy?

eBay sign at San Jose corporate offices

Perhaps unsurprisingly thanks to the impact of Coronavirus and more people having to stay at home, there has been a boom in eCommerce, which has resulted in the eCommerce market reaching a level that was not forecast until 2022. The team over at eMarketer have put together a fantastic article outlining “US Ecommerce Growth” for […]

What Are The Top Tips For Making The Most of Your eCommerce Store?

Increasing your online sales is a primary objective of all businesses, both small and large. From holidays and hats to cakes and candles and everything in-between, getting people to buy your product is an absolute must. Looking for some extra inspiration to help take your sales from so-so to stratospheric? Why not take a look […]

Australia eCommerce Market Reaches Record $21 Billion

Australia Post released research on the country’s shopping habits and estimates that Australians spent a record $21.4 billion on goods online in 2017. That is an increase of 18.7 percent over 2016 and outstripped physical retail by 16.2 percentage points. While shopping the shopping behavior is changing from traditional retail to online retail, the traditional […]

Chile Stands Tall As Latin America’s Fastest Growing eCommerce Market

chile ecommerce

Chile is rapidly becoming an eCommerce powerhouse due to its accelerated infrastructure development partnered with high levels of Internet penetration. The Chilean eCommerce market currently has more than US$3.7B and is expected to grow at 35% this year, reaching at least US$5B in revenue by the end of 2018, Nathan Lustig site wrote. Chile’s fast-growing […]

eCommerce in Germany Reached 58.46 Billion Euros in 2017

eCommerce in Germany

The retail eCommerce industry in Germany showed an increase of 10.9 percent or 58.54 billion euros at the end of 2017. At least every eighth of a euro is spent in the retail sector from eCommerce sales. According to the German Association of eCommerce and Mail Order (Behv), companies with several distribution channels increased their […]

UK Marketplace Sees Hockey Stick Growth in Q4 2017 and Beyond

hockey stick growth

For those of you who are not familiar with Flubit, they are the UK’s largest homegrown eCommerce marketplace and have been experiencing some incredible growth through Q4 of 2017.’s first Christmas as a fully-fledged online marketplace completely blew away expectations, with orders in the fourth quarter of 2017 increasing by 150 percent on the previous […]

Warehouses Are Getting Bigger as eCommerce Expands

warehouses expansion

eCommerce’s sudden growth has driven an increase in warehouses’ size. The average size of warehouses in the country has increased to 184,693 square feet since 2007, with its average ceiling height reaching 32.3 feet. Jobs continue to grow as warehouses multiply in both size and number. And although the demand for new warehouses space decreased […]

FedEx Getting Ready For eCommerce Growth

FedEx Growth

As eCommerce continues to grow, other industries are also preparing for the big growth that’s comes with it. Service companies such as service deliveries are one of those that are preparing for this, as it’s anticipated that more people will be ordering online. One of those delivery companies anticipating this growth is FedEx. The company […]

Finland Has eCommerce That is Breaking All Records

Finland growth

eCommerce is growing, and there is no doubt about that. With the internet, smartphones and wifi, eCommerce will only continue to grow as more people find it more convenient. Perhaps there is no better proof of this growth than in Finland. There, eCommerce has been growing rapidly and has been breaking many records. Orders from […]

eCommerce Traffic Went Up During The New Year

ecommerce traffic

While Black Friday and the holidays have seen more online shopping, the New Year has continued this trend. The trend for each year seems to be going up, which shows that more people are now using online shopping than ever before. The entry of 2018 saw an increase in online shopping. eCommerce and online shopping […]