eBay Protecting U.S. Sellers From USPS Delays

USPS delivery van parked in NYC

eBay said this week, “Your seller performance standards will not be negatively impacted due to carrier delays.” The company is responding to an ever-increasing number of reports nationwide that new directives by the United States Postal Service are resulting in delayed mail and parcel delivery. While eBay did not specify this is a USPS only […]

eBay Confirms Seller Performance Standards Will Not Be Impacted by USPS Delivery Delays


USPS announced changes to its service standards adding one day to most First-Class Package and Priority Mail transit times. eBay is updating its estimated delivery times where needed to accurately reflect this change USPS communicated today. Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis eBay said it maintained steady communication with the United States Post Office and will continue […]

eBay to Defer Seller Fees and Offer Up To 100,000 Free Listings

eBay Campus San Jose

eBay announced new programs to help small business sellers navigate their business through the COVID-19 emergency. Deferred Fee Payments: eBay is deferring most selling fees for eligible Store subscribers for a full 30 days. The company will provide more details on this program by Wednesday, March 25. 100,000 Incremental FREE Listings: With more buyers staying […]

eBay to Protect Seller Performance Standards During COVID-19 Pandemic

eBay Seller

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges for many eBay sellers, and the company wants to allow flexibility in business operations as that is essential right now. eBay is reassuring sellers that they will not be penalized for being unable to carry out usual operations. There may be situations where a seller can’t get an […]

eBay Sellers Impacted by Tornadoes in Tennessee Will Get Automatic Seller Protection

eBay Logo on Building

eBay announced today they are helping sellers preserve their status on eBay that are impacted by the deadly tornadoes in Tennessee. Due to the severe tornado impact, communication, power, and transportation lines may be disrupted. Some carriers may suspend shipping services. Sellers who are in the impacted region and who do not have access to […]

eBay launches new tools, services, and updates seller protections

eBay Open 2019

eBay Open is the company’s annual seller conference attended by over 1,500 sellers to learn more about the newest updates on the marketplace. At this event, eBay also hosts breakout sessions focused on managing, growing, and converting a seller’s businesses. Among the new features the company introduced are a series of new tools, seller protections, […]

eBay to Extend Seller Protection to Sellers Affected by Hurricane Lane

eBay released a note to sellers that they will protect sellers that are impacted by Hurricane Lane, which hit Hawaii over the weekend. Here is the full statement from eBay: Hurricane Lane, a Category 2 storm, has caused massive damage to the Hawaiian islands. Forecasters have predicted that heavy rains were likely to continue into […]

eBay Offers Seller Protections to Sellers Impacted by Storms in Northeast

eBay announced they will offer seller protections to sellers that are impacted by the storms in the Northeast United States. While eBay states the protection is automatic, you should always check your account for any suspicious incidents that may have been missed. In those cases, report the problem to eBay immediately so they can investigate […]