eBay Managed Payments Coming to Canada and Australia

eBay Managed Payments

As eBay continues to modernize its marketplace and create a more streamlined experience for buyers and sellers, the company is expanding its management of payments to Australia and Canada later this year. Australia and Canada are the fourth and fifth countries to offer eBay’s new payments experience, after the U.S., Germany and the U.K. “By […]

eBay Acknowledges Potential Problems with PayPal Payments

eBay Logo on Building

For the last few days, there have been reports on the eBay community forum, and on social media about problems some buyers are experiencing trying to complete checkout on eBay when paying with PayPal. Typically, problems with PayPal payments are caused by one of the following conditions: Outdated or unlinked credit or debit card information. […]

eBay Managed Payments is Now Live in Germany

eBay sign San Jose Campus

eBay has begun managing the end-to-end payments process on its Marketplace platform in Germany. This will drive significant efficiencies and benefits for both buyers and sellers – including giving buyers additional payment options and sellers a more streamlined way to manage their businesses. eBay began offering managed payments on its platform in the U.S. with […]

eBay’s New Managed Payments Fee Raises Seller Outrage

ebay managed payments

Sellers on the eBay marketplace are dead set on leaving and selling on another marketplace, or even at a flea market, if eBay makes its new managed payments service mandatory by 2021. They resorted to this decision after receiving an email from the eCommerce company last Monday telling them that they will be charged a […]

Sellers Ask Questions About eBay Managed Payments IRS 1099-K

In the community forums on eBay, members asked questions if eBay would issue 1099-K document as required by the IRS. Most sellers know if they sell more than $20,000 and have over 200 transactions in a calendar year, PayPal will issue a 1099-K. An eBay team member on 1/25 responded that they would get back to sellers […]

eBay Has Only About 3,500 Sellers in eBay Managed Payments Beta

One of the early numbers released from the slide deck for the earnings call is a breakout of eBay’s Managed Payments program. The beta, which started about six months ago and is limited to US sellers only, only has about 3,500 participating sellers at the end of Q4, 2018. In Q3, 2018, the company reported […]

Three Week Update of Implementation of eBay Payments

It has been less than a month since eBay rolled out managed payments and today they company provided a three week update. eBay says they are seeing positive results for their business and from sellers in this experience. Since introducing managed payments on a small scale in the U.S., eBay has already intermediated more than […]

eBay Releases Report on First Week with eBay Payments

It has been just over one week since eBay Payments went live for sellers that opted into the program. We have seen some mixed reaction in Facebook groups, but the company provided its view on the progress of implementing eBay Payments. Here is eBay’s first report on eBay Payments and it was provided by Alyssa Cutright, […]

eBay Payments Limited to Two Countries in First Two Years

A quote from Steve Fisher, Senior Vice President of Payments at eBay is making a few international seller nervous. “Looking ahead to 2019, we will expand our new experience to more buyers and sellers in the US and begin rolling out our new payments experience outside the US.” He seems to indicate there will be a […]

Sellers Accepting eBay Payments Will Have to Wait Until Summer 2019 for Paypal

eBay posted an FAQ with Alyssa Cutright, Vice President of Payments at eBay going over the most pressing questions sellers have about new eBay Payments system. When eBay discussed eBay Payments at eBay Open 2018, it came to light that those sellers that opt-in to the program will lose access to accept PayPal payments. Many […]