eBay Managed Payments Expanding To France, Italy and Spain

Woman shopping online and paying with credit card

As part of modernizing its marketplace and creating a more streamlined experience for customers, eBay is expanding its management of payments to France, Italy and Spain in the first quarter of 2021. This expansion will continue to offer buyers flexibility and choice in payment methods and give sellers an easier way to manage their businesses.  eBay […]

eBay Managed Payments Coming to Canada and Australia

eBay Managed Payments

As eBay continues to modernize its marketplace and create a more streamlined experience for buyers and sellers, the company is expanding its management of payments to Australia and Canada later this year. Australia and Canada are the fourth and fifth countries to offer eBay’s new payments experience, after the U.S., Germany and the U.K. “By […]

eBay is Bringing Managed Payments to The U.K. This Summer

eBay Managed Payments

eBay announced it is the United Kingdom’s turn for its Managed Payments program. This summer, the company will offer buyers flexibility and choice in payment methods and give sellers an easier way to manage their businesses. The U.K. is the third market to offer eBay’s new payments experience, after the U.S. and Germany. “We’re creating […]

Visa Overhaul to Interchange Rates Will Raise Online Merchant Rates

Visa CNP fee increase

Visa is planning changes to its interchange rates, also commonly known as swipe fees, that will likely result in higher transaction costs for most online commerce. A document Visa circulated to banks outlining the change and seen by Bloomberg will vary depending on how a consumer purchases goods or services. Some service sectors, such as […]

eBay Managed Payments is Now Live in Germany

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eBay has begun managing the end-to-end payments process on its Marketplace platform in Germany. This will drive significant efficiencies and benefits for both buyers and sellers – including giving buyers additional payment options and sellers a more streamlined way to manage their businesses. eBay began offering managed payments on its platform in the U.S. with […]

eBay Says New Sales Tax Laws Impact Revenues and More Sellers Use Promoted Listings


After eBay announced Q2 2019 earnings today, the company held its earnings call with analysts to discuss the financials and answer questions. READ MORE: eBay GMV down slightly but beats Q2 earnings estimates Within that discussion there are always some interesting tidbits that are of interest to sellers. So we highlighted them here. The quotes […]

PayPal comes back to eBay

When eBay rolled out its eBay Managed Payments beta, sellers that signed up for it lost the ability to accept payments via PayPal. eBay announced they are now rolling out PayPal to participating eBay Managed Payments sellers that opted into the program. “We’ve also made great progress on the integration of PayPal on the managed […]

eBay Adds Google Pay As Payment Option

eBay Sign

eBay is introducing Google Pay to its suite of payment options to further increase customer choice in its new managed payments experience. The company announced last year it will intermediate end-to-end payments on its marketplace to further simplify and improve the customer experience and expects to manage a majority of the payments on its platform […]

Sellers Ask Questions About eBay Managed Payments IRS 1099-K

In the community forums on eBay, members asked questions if eBay would issue 1099-K document as required by the IRS. Most sellers know if they sell more than $20,000 and have over 200 transactions in a calendar year, PayPal will issue a 1099-K. An eBay team member on 1/25 responded that they would get back to sellers […]

eBay Has Only About 3,500 Sellers in eBay Managed Payments Beta

One of the early numbers released from the slide deck for the earnings call is a breakout of eBay’s Managed Payments program. The beta, which started about six months ago and is limited to US sellers only, only has about 3,500 participating sellers at the end of Q4, 2018. In Q3, 2018, the company reported […]