eBay and Coles partner in Australia to offer online grocery shopping

eBay Australia announces a partnership with Australian Supermarket chain Coles to drive online grocery shopping. In a world first for eBay, Coles will extend its reach to eBay’s 11-million unique monthly visitors. eBay users can now shop from Coles’ perishable and non-perishable everyday essentials across a variety of categories including select pre-packed fresh food, pantry, […]

eBay Australia Announce Fulfilment Program To Rival Amazon Prime

ebay fulfilment

Back when we announced that Amazon had set its sights on Australia we asked the question what would eBay do in response. eBay for the longest time had pretty much exclusivity as a product marketplace in Australia and when Amazon arrived in threatened their market hugely. In response eBay Australia have really come out fighting […]

eBay to Collect GST Tax on Australian Shipments

eBay Sign

eBay announced they will start to collect Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all orders originating outside Australia and destined to Australian buyers. New laws regarding GST are going into effect in Australia on July 1, 2018. Australian GST is a tax of 10% on most goods and services sold or consumed in Australia, and […]

eBay in Australia Launches eBay Plus – An Amazon Prime Like Service

eBay Australia have announced they are launching eBay Plus the country, making Australia the second country in which they offer this Amazon Prime style membership program. eBay Plus is a membership program aimed at helping buyers get the most out of shopping on eBay, with exclusive benefits on Australia’s biggest range of products. Members get […]

Australia eCommerce Market Reaches Record $21 Billion

Australia Post released research on the country’s shopping habits and estimates that Australians spent a record $21.4 billion on goods online in 2017. That is an increase of 18.7 percent over 2016 and outstripped physical retail by 16.2 percentage points. While shopping the shopping behavior is changing from traditional retail to online retail, the traditional […]

eBay Sellers May Have to Pay Final Values Fees for Off-eBay Sales

Image: Adobe Stock | Policy

eBay on Tuesday evening sent out a notice to all sellers on an update to its User Agreement. Unlike many other user agreements that deal with small issues, often privacy related, this one may have a profound financial impact not discussed in the Fall eBay Seller Update. We must admit that eBay’s “new direction” of better […]

Fill Your Cart With Colour eBay Campaigns Come to UK and Australia

Image: eBay UK | Fill Your Cart With Colour

eBay is expanding its brand marketing in two major English speaking markets, taking advantage of the popular U.S. campaign slogan “Fill Your Cart With Color.” The company did have to translate it from U.S. English by changing the spelling of “color” to colour” 😉 In all seriousness, the company created a new commercial for the […]