Franklin Hatchett Ecom Elites dropshipping review

Franklin Hatchett Ecom Elites

Dropshipping and ecommerce, in general, have become so popular over the years. Selling online is prevalent because of the increasing number of Internet users. As you sell on the World Wide Web, the rest of the world is your market, and it’s right at your fingertips. But before you even get started, you have to […]

Solution Spotlight: ZIK Analytics

In this blog series, we are putting the spotlight on solution providers that eCommerce sellers will find useful. Today we shine the spotlight on ZIK Analytics, an eBay market research tool that helps sellers find hot products to sell and rank them on the first page. Now we’ll hand over to ZIK Analytics to tell […]

Volusion and Inventory Source Offer Integrated Dropshipping Solution

Volusion announced on Wednesday a new dropshipping integration available to merchants with Inventory Source as its premier partner. Unlike dropshipping features offered by other eCommerce platforms, Volusion merchants can access high-quality products from US-based suppliers. To make implementation easy, Volusion’s dropshipping feature provides a one-click process for merchants to add products to their websites. Sellers […]

Israeli Court Sides with eBay on Temporary Relief in Arbitrage Case

Earlier this month we reported that Salefreaks, an Israeli company that provides arbitrage services to eBay sellers, went to court to challenge eBay on a new implementation of its search algorithm that appeared to downgrade products offered by sellers that use arbitrage. Arbitrage is the practice of finding products on other eCommerce sites such as […]

eBay Being Accused of Manipulating Search Results on Some Listings

eBay Sign

Adi Reiss, CEO, and founder of SaleFreaks, is accusing eBay of manipulating search results of listings that appear to dropship products from other marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Ali-Express, etc. He claims that his company found there has been a 25 to 50 percent drop of listing impressions on the affected listings. Reiss further claims: “Ebay […]

Five Considerations for Opening Your Offline Store, Online

traditional offline store

Taking your offline business, online, is a big decision. But with eCommerce sales expected to make up 17 percent of all U.S. retail sales by 2022, there’s no reason not to get in on the action and potentially increase your profit. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental decisions that must be made before purchasing a domain, […]

Managing the Difficulties of Drop Shipping on Marketplaces

drop shipping

The presence of drop shipping on marketplaces has grown for the past couple of years. Together with its growing popularity are the number of issues that third-party retailers and vendors face. Drop Shipping on Marketplaces Drop shipping has played an important role in the growth of e-commerce in the past few years. Online retailers can […]