UK High Street Retailer Superdrug Latest Hacking Victim


Last night, it was reported that Superdrug had warned its online customers to change their passwords after criminals claimed to have obtained their personal details. The chain said the group claimed they had stolen details of 20,000 customers. This is just the latest in a long line of businesses that have been victims of a data breach over […]

Staying Secure While Working Remotely

Data security is probably one of the least popular topics of working remotely. Typically, people spend their time searching for amazing beaches, cultural activities, local food and other hidden gems. However, it’s fairly important to keep your data secure and access any sensitive and personal information in a secure way while working remotely. I’ve created […]

Magento Communicates with Users About Brute Force Attacks

Last week we published a story that Cybersecurity researchers at Flashpoint found about a thousand compromised Magento Admin panels which allowed hackers to take over the sites and use them for cryptocurrency mining and stealing credit card data. Flashpoint also stated they assumed this brute-force attack might have impacted more Magento users as well as […]

Researchers Found Stash of Magento Admin Credentials on The Dark Web

Researchers at Flashpoint, a business risk intelligence firm, posted a warning on their site about compromised Magento websites being vulnerable to malware. The firm states Flashpoint researchers are aware of at least 1,000 Magento Admin panels who are compromised from brute-force password attacks to the eCommerce platform to scrape credit card numbers and install malware […]

Hacked: PayPal’s Resolution Process

Last week my eBay account was hacked and several hundred dollars stolen from my bank account via an unauthorized payment on PayPal. There’s never a good time for this to happen, but the fact I was overseas on a business trip when the first signs of this security breach presented themselves, made it all the […]