Boosting Brand Awareness of an Ecommerce Venture

Boot Brand Ecommerce

Businesses that are looking to become sustainable need to focus more on just a sheer number of sales. In the world where trends are dictating where one spends his or her money, it is imperative to have a presence on as many different channels as possible. Brand awareness plays a prominent role, and it can […]

4 benefits of having a blog for your business


There are lots of different benefits that blogging provides a business. The reality is, every business has lots of different ways to reach their customers, and a blog is another way to personalize content to reach customers and develop loyalty to your brand. The key for a successful blog is to have great writing along […]

The Ecommerce Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content

Content marketing can achieve many things, to say the least. From building brand awareness to getting more targeted leads and boosting sales, this method has proven to be effective. Moreover, businesses that engage in content marketing are the ones who keep up with the competition, because more and more companies resort to such a strategy. […]

How To Boost Content Marketing Strategy If You’re Dead Broke In The Process Of Writing

It was estimated that only approximately 30% of all B2B marketers possess a documented and approved content marketing strategy. Among them, almost the same percentage believe that their chosen path is valid. Many businesses today underestimate the role of content & copywriting. They undervalue SEO optimization and SMM. Not all people can boast an innate […]

BigCommerce and WordPress Integration Now Available to All Merchants

BigCommerce announced the public release of BigCommerce for WordPress, a full-featured commerce integration for WordPress powered by BigCommerce’s scalable SaaS eCommerce platform. READ MORE: BigCommerce for WordPress Integration Now in Beta This integration expands the eCommerce options available to the millions of merchants using WordPress by giving them the ability to customize and grow their eCommerce […]

The Concept of Storytelling in Content Marketing: What It Is and How to Do It

Traditionally, content marketing has used a message or gimmick. For example, Coke recently kicked off a Share a Coke campaign that was supported by putting 150 common names on bottles. The company then encouraged customers to share a coke with someone whose name they found on their bottle. This content marketing campaign was effective, but […]

Email Celebrates 40 Years

email 40 years

Can you believe it’s been 40 years since you stopped using snail mail and the office phone to reach a client because it’s way easier to email them? I bet you don’t remember the last time you sent a document by fax as you can simply attach almost any file type to an email. Many […]

Forget Bitcoin, I’m Investing in Content Marketing

The rising fortunes of Bitcoin, which recently achieved a valuation of more than $11,500, has surely turned the heads of many wannabe investors. Sadly, if you are looking for advice on investing in this new currency market, this isn’t the blog post for you. I’m sure I’m not alone when I tell you, that other […]