Amazon Expands Roll Out of Scout Robot Deliveries

Amazon Scout

From pipe dream, to marketing ploy, to actual delivery robot? The Amazon Scout robot has been as much of a talking point as the Amazon delivery drones, however the scout is the first to be rolled out to look at last mile delivery. After launching early last year, Amazon has limited Scout to select markets, […]

Amazon Field Testing Robot Delivery System – Amazon Scout

Amazon Scout

Amazon is testing a new, fully electric delivery system called Amazon Scout. They designed the system to deliver packages safely to customers using autonomous delivery devices. These devices created by Amazon are the size of a small cooler and roll along sidewalks at a walking pace. The field test, which started last week, will deliver packages […]

Amazon Testing New Shopping Experience with Amazon Scout

Amazon has launched a test store on its platform called Scout, which shoppers in the U.S. can access by going to The company limits the test of the Scout store to two primary categories, Furniture and Women’s shoes. Unlike traditional drill-down navigation, Amazon is serving up product images and asks shoppers to like or […]