Amazon Fights Fakes With Expansion Of Project Zero Program

Counterfeit Purses

Amazon expands Project Zero to seven new countries – Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the UAE – making it available in 17 countries where Amazon has a store. Project Zero combines Amazon’s advanced technology, machine learning, and innovation with the sophisticated knowledge that brands have of their own intellectual property so we […]

Amazon is On Track to Invest $15 Billion to Help Small Businesses Grow

Amazon Seattle HQ Spheres

Amazon has launched over 150 tools and services since the beginning of the year to help independent small and medium-sized businesses grow their sales in Amazon’s stores. Tools like Sold by Amazon help sellers manage the pricing of their products in Amazon’s stores, while fulfillment tools like Target Inventory Levels allow sellers to better manage […]

Amazon Looks To Eradicate Counterfeits With Project Zero

Amazon Project Zero

Fake products and counterfeits on the Amazon marketplace are rife. In fact, according to research conducted by brand protection company Red Points, the online retail giant’s platform is among the top websites that sell counterfeit goods. Unfortunately, despite having received repeated complaints from numerous brands, Amazon’s issue with counterfeiters remains unresolved to this day. However, […]