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Social media has become the go to for many people. Many celebrities and personalities use social media now to show their daily activities. This in turn has created opportunities for marketers to get endorsements using social media.

With this development Instagram has created a new tool which allows personalities to identify posts that are deemed as sponsored by advertisers and promoters.

The tool has been around since June, though Instagram has made it more widely available to more people this August.

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The tool would be used to identify top paid advertisers as well as track how a post is performing. This tool is available to all who have accounts on Instagram’s insights data.

Instagram though would not reveal how many accounts there are that would now have access to the tool. Aside from this, Instagram can also notify those who have posts that are branded content but don’t have access to the tool yet.

There are an ever increasing number of social media users that now fall under the umbrella term of influencers. They need not be celebrities; there are personalities on Facebook and Instagram who have become famous themselves due to their content.

These people have large followings, and companies seek out such people due to their social influence to do branded content deals in exchange for monetary gain.

This can be seen on YouTube as well, where many influencers really shine. YouTube has made countless teenage millionaires not only due to ad revenue but from brand deals too.

Some of them can rival many celebrities in terms of followers, and by themselves have become major celebrities in their own right.

With the tool which Instagram has created, these people can track down posts which could help them identify what Instagram calls as branded content.

Instagram, as well as parent company Facebook, is facing calls for more ad transparency. With this tool, it would be much easier then to know which of the posts are branded content.

What do you think of the growing influencer trend? Is it good for social media or does it run the risk of turning social media platform into just another advertisement platform? Post your comments below.

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