Solution Spotlight: ZIK Analytics

In this blog series, we are putting the spotlight on solution providers that eCommerce sellers will find useful.

Today we shine the spotlight on ZIK Analytics, an eBay market research tool that helps sellers find hot products to sell and rank them on the first page.

Now we’ll hand over to ZIK Analytics to tell us more.

About ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics was founded by Nahar Geva who started selling on eBay in 2016 when he moved to Germany.

zik analyticsWithout knowing any German, Nahar soon found that it was hard to get a decent job so created an eBay dropshipping business as a way to generate an income to live on.

After making less than $100/month for the first 4 months of his business, Nahar realized he needed a way to find in-demand and profitable items to sell. Soon after he developed a system and methods which allowed him to rapidly grow to making $5,000/month in profit (you can read more about this here).

Following his success, Nahar began to explore the idea of creating a software that would allow any eBay seller to find profitable items to sell and rank them high in eBay’s search results. This lead to the creation of ZIK Analytics.

ZIK Analytics Today

Today, ZIK Analytics has over 4,000 active members and is continuing to grow rapidly. What started as just a couple of tools has grown into a complete toolset to help sellers start their own eBay business.

ZIK Analytics are huge believers in treating their members as partners and as such provide the best help and support possible to make them succeed.

Members are given complimentary access to the ZIK Academy, an online video training course with over 25 videos teaching them everything they need to know to start their own eBay business. In addition, members get access to webinars, tutorials and can attend regular Facebook Live events where they can ask questions from within ZIK’s very active Facebook community.

The tools to start your own eBay business

ZIK Analytics includes many software tools designed to help eBay sellers find profitable items to sell and rank them high on eBay.

Competitor Research Tool

The competitor research tool can provide analytics data of any other seller on eBay. With it, sellers can learn the strategies of your competitors and see what they’re selling to get more product ideas and ensure you always stay ahead.

Product Research Tool

The product research tool lets sellers get a deep analysis of any product currently selling on eBay so they can evaluate whether it’s a potentially profitable opportunity. Specifically, the tool allows sellers to see how fast an item is selling, how many competitors there are, what the average selling price is, what percentage of eBay listings are successful and lots more – all in a few clicks.

Title Analytics

The title analytics tool lets sellers see a list of the long-tail and generic keywords they should use to list their items in order to rank high in eBay and drive sales to their listings. The tool shows how many sales the listings featuring the selected keyword have, along with the amount of competitors using each keyword so sellers can assess which keywords are best to use for their items.

Category Research Tool

The category research tool allows sellers to scroll through the best selling item categories and niches at a glance. Using market research data, sellers can then analyze the selling potential of each niche in more depth using statistics such as the total sales on eBay, or the latest selling trends from Google.

Store Analytics

The store analytics included with ZIK helps sellers hit their sales goals and track their store’s performance by displaying a graphic view of their store’s last 30 days of sales.

Sellers can also find out when they should list items to get the most sales to their store with the rush time tracker and discover which niches they should focus on finding more items from with a new page showing which items in their store sell the fastest and bring them the most money.


ZIK Pro is an optional upgrade for ZIK Analytics that unlocks even more market research tools.

Included with ZIK Pro is the instant item finder that scans competitors to uncover the hottest new opportunities, along with a newly released tool that lets sellers access the 500 best selling eBay items within the last 3 hours – updated in real-time.

To find out more about ZIK Analytics, you can visit their website here and try their software completely free for 7 days.

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