Solution Spotlight – Meet Parcel Station

Parcel station solution spotlight

In this blog series we are putting the spotlight on solution providers that eCommerce sellers will find useful.  

Today we shine the spotlight on Parcel Station a disruptor in the courier space that truly understand the demands of eCommerce, with over 80% of their customers selling on eBay or Amazon.

So we hand over to James Hayes from Parcel Station to find out more.

Parcel Station has been enjoying impressive growth since 2011. With a new, global delivery solution backing up their established UK options they are now branching out in to new geographical areas.

Who are Parcel Station?

We formed Parcel Station in 2011 and started operating it alongside our same day delivery company, City Today Couriers.  We noticed that online sellers and retailers were struggling to manage the shipping of their product using multiple different courier companies, and we wanted to solve this problem.

Parcel Station Logo

In the early days, we helped small sellers by improving their processes, reducing the number of collections and making printing delivery labels an easy step.  That quickly grew and we started to attract large sellers turning over £1m to £5m per year.

Today, we collect around 12 million items a year from our customers and deliver them all over the world for our 500+ customers

What services do you offer?

Domestic Delivery

A range of tracked and non-tracked options to suit most sellers.  Typically, a customer will ship all their 48 and 24 hour tracked items with us and also ship their large letters and small packets on a non tracked service, normally for the lower value items.  Using a multitude of options and differing service levels means we can find the best fit service at the right price in most cases.

International Delivery

From standard non-tracked to fully tracked and signed for to over 200 countries worldwide.  Customers are looking at Parcel Station as an alternative for quicker delivery and lower rates, typically moving to Parcel Station from Royal Mail, DPD


This year we added integrations to a wide range of platforms including Magento, Shopify, Brightpearl, Channel Grabber and Visual Soft which adds to our list which includes Linnworks, Volo, Groupon and Store Feeder.

We are very excited about the news we are about to announce….a fully integrated solution to eBay and Amazon.  No more CSV files, it will help sellers, on those channels spend more time doing they are good at, selling products.

We now embed the CN22 on the delivery label for international shipments also, this is saving everyone time without the need to make a separate label for customs any more.  Our software does it for you.

What’s the latest news from Parcel Station?

A lot is going on at Parcel Station, we have recently moved to a new HQ, offering 15,000 square foot of operating space in Stockport.  We have also opened up operations in North London and Birmingham recently.

Parcel Station’s international services will soon be available to small sellers, typically who sell from home, garage or small warehouse.  Using our pooled volume discounts we will be able to give them a consolidated solution for international delivery.  We anticipate the offering will save sellers up to 80% per shipment compared to the Post Office.  Simply drop the parcels off at a parcel shop and we will do the rest.

We are always adding new delivery products to our range, consumers are demanding more choice, it is our responsibility to provide that choice to the retailers.

What is an ideal Parcel Station customer?

Online sellers don’t have time to spend sorting parcels for different couriers; managing different couriers can be costly and often confusing.  We make the shipping as easy as possible.

Our customers send anything from 50 parcels per day to 10,000 a day.  We can cater for a wide range of businesses.  With locations in Manchester, Birmingham, London, Kettering and a vehicle fleet across the country we can help a lot of retailers that ship 50 or more a day.

A typical customer will ship 100-500 items a day, using a mixture of our tracked, non tracked and international options.

Want to find out more?

Watch this video and get in touch with us.

Alternatively you can drop us an email at: [email protected]

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