Smartphone Use Driving More Online Retail

smartphone being used for online retail
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The smartphone has undoubtedly changed the landscape of eCommerce. Many shoppers can now look and even order whilst on the go.

This has been noted in the use of smartphones driving more online retail search. In the UK alone smartphone retail search has increased by 26 percent on the same period a year ago.

The growth of Mobile Search

The growth in the use of smartphones for online retail search has been steady in the UK. On average, year on year growth as of the second quarter of 2017 has been seven percent.

Beauty products are the most searched items. This has been followed by apparel.

Beauty product search has seen a growth of 42 percent while apparel search has grown by 38 percent.

It has been noted that smartphones have been the dominant way of doing online retail search.

Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium has also said that this has been consistent with the overall trend in online non-food item sales growth.

Martijn Bertisen, retail director of Google, agrees with this assessment. He has said that more people are using smartphones to make online retail search while on the move.

This seems to be the driving force for the increase in smartphone use for searches—its ease in using it anywhere.

With wi-fi now becoming more common around the world, people are using their smartphones more often for eCommerce.

This trend will only continue as smartphones are now common not just in the UK, but in many places as well.

For instance, Estonia has been seen as the biggest viewers of UK retailers, with a 77 percent increase in searches as compared to last year.

Smartphone use is becoming more common, and this is driving eCommerce growth.

The ease with which smartphones has made eCommerce and browsing in general would encourage even more people to use it.

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