Shopify’s Afternoon Black Friday Day Already Hints At A Huge Day For Its Merchants

Shopify Online Shopping

Throughout the day yesterday, Shopify offered up Black Friday sales data* from its one million+ merchants in over 175 countries.

By comparison to the Thanksgiving Day data, on Friday afternoon the average cart price was up slightly with a global average of $90.60 (vs $86.80) and a US average of $95.60 ($90.40).

Apparel & Accessories continued to be the top categories globally and in the US, followed by Health & Beauty, and Home & Garden.

Mobile sales continue to lead over the desktop, increasing their share a tiny bit by one percentage point to 70% of all sales vs. 69% the day before.

On Friday afternoon, Shopify merchants peak sales per minute reached the $3 million plus level globally with the company finding 15% of sales for the day included cross-border sales.

Shopify Black Friday Local Data

While Shopify is mostly known to be an online commerce platform, the company actually offers omnichannel products and services that include curbside pickup and local delivery options.

In the US on Friday afternoon, St. Joseph, Michigan was the top city for curbside pickup and Longwood, Florida (Orlando area) was the top city for local deliveries.

The relatively small city sizes of these two metrics suggest that one or two individual retailers in those areas dominated the data.

It also seems to suggest that the omnichannel services the company offers are a very tiny part of their overall customer base, leaving a lot of room for growth for the online commerce platform.

Early Black Friday Day Hints At Big Day

Shopify provided two updates for Black Friday throughout the day and most of the data was very consistent with the exception of a significant increase in the peak sale per minute metric.

We expect Shopify to provide a final Black Friday snapshot this weekend that will include early afternoon and evening data points from the US and Canada.

While the company has a global merchant base, the majority of its stores are located in North America and this fact tends to impact the global data significantly.

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*Shopify reflects November 26th 13:00 UTC to November 27th 19:30 UTC. A live data feed from Shopify is available here.

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