Shopify Store Owners Are Frustrated With Walmart Connection App

Walmart Marketplace app rating in Shopify app store

Earlier this week, Shopify and Walmart announced their collaboration enabling Shopify merchants to list and sync inventory on the marketplace.

While this partnership may not be an “Amazon Killer,” it offers an intriguing omnichannel solution for micro and small business merchants seeking to expand sales on the growing marketplace.

However, looking at the reviews left by Shopify store about the marketplace connector app, the roll-out appears tainted with technical problems.

As of today, out of 17 total reviews, 16 Shopify store owners gave the app a one-star rating. Only one person gave the app a 5-star rating and there are no two, three, or four-star ratings.

Shopify Store Owners Feedback Not Complementary

  • “Hours wasted. Then nothing is appearing live on Walmart, after I press to go live and nothing appears live on Shopify.”
  • “This app doesn’t connect to existing account. It only works IF you want to start up a “NEW” Walmart marketplace account.”
  • “Doesn’t work., the connection never connects and when it does it’s only briefly and then disconnects again. Nobody responds from customer service and Shopify says they can’t help with anything.”
  • “521 An error occurred while attempting to load this content. This message kept showing without installing anything! Please develop an APP install-able before launch.”

While it is not unreasonable to expect some technical problems at launch time, the negativity is overwhelming.

Given the 1.2 out 5 rating the app has received, it will probably keep many interested Shopify store owners on the sidelines until the marketplace connector appears fixed.

For now, it seems the quality of the connector app isn’t matching the excitement of the announcement and could impair adaption by Shopify store owners if it continues to be buggy.

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