Shopify Merchants Have Strong Start on Thanksgiving

Shopify Thanksgiving
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This year Shopify is again providing sales data over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The Shopify’s data below reflects the first 12 hours of Thanksgiving sales from the 1 million+ merchants on their platform.

Record-breaking sales from Shopify’s merchants demonstrate that this holiday shopping season has become a global movement, changing the way consumers buy and how brands sell.

As consumers around the world are looking for more choices when it comes to their holiday shopping, over one million independent and DTC brands on Shopify are meeting their needs.

Global data to-date from Shopify merchants during Thanksgiving shows:

  • $346,000+ USD: peak sales per minute which occurred at 11:01AM ET

  • 66%: sales being made on mobile, with the remaining 34% being made on desktop

  • Apparel & Accessories: top product category, with Health & Beauty close behind.

  • New York: top-selling city, with Los Angeles and London following.

  • $78.66 USD: the average cart price

Highlights from Shopify merchants in the US:

  • $83.62 USD: the average cart price in the US

  • 10:00 AM ET: peak sales hour in the US

Highlights from Shopify merchants in Canada:

  • $95.43 USD: the average cart price in Canada

  • 10:00 AM ET: the peak sales hour in Canada

Live Data

Shopify is also providing here a live look at sales happening around the world on its platform! The landing page shows the number of orders per minute and the gross sales per minute.

What do you think about the data Shopify is providing? 

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  1. From what I understand it seems that shopify is getting very popular amongst entrepreneurs who are starting out/ setting up a side hustle business. Perhaps it is just my personal interests/news feeds, but I am seeing so many tutorials on dropshipping using shopify that even if a small % of users actually set up a site then shopify must be getting a lot of new customers!

    I find that BFCM live map quite hypnotising! Thanks for sharing, it is a good marketing tool!


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