Shopify Introduces Live View: Real-Time Reporting

Image: Shopify

If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you probably know how analytics services can show live information about your site’s visitors.

Shopify released for its merchants a feature that is specific to their platform and gives you insight into how your store is performing.

Unlike Google Analytics which may either require a complicated set up to do the same or may not even be able to provide some information in a live setting, with Shopify’s Live View it is easy and includes all relevant eCommerce data.

The new Live View works on desktop and mobile, giving a shop owner the flexibility to check on their story anywhere anytime.

As we have entered the busy holiday season, Shopify provides one more tool to give owners more data to decide to promote the right products to their customers.

Live View does not replace Shopify Deep Analytics or third-party tools like Google Analytics. But it provides a glimpse of the most important data right now.

To get started with Live View, go to Shopify’s product page here.

If you are a Shopify customer and have used Live View, we’d love to hear your comments. Drop us a line in the comments section below.


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