Shopify Acquires Swedish eCommerce Platform Startup Tictail

Tictail users signing into their account were greeted by a message that announced Tictail is “joining Shopify to empower brands like yours online.”

The company stated no changes would occur on the platform until April 1, 2019, after which Tictail would no longer be available.

Further, Tictail said users will have until April to the option to migrate their account to Shopify.

It appears this acquisition by Shopify is mostly for user accounts and possibly some technology they may integrate later into their platform.

In a statement to website Tictail confirmed the purchase by Shopify.

“Thank you for reaching out. We’re really excited to share the news that Tictail is joining Shopify! While Shopify does not comment on individual acquisitions, they do periodically acquire companies, to bring specific talent or technology into the organization to complement and enhance their existing offerings.”

Originally founded in 2012, Tictail raised $32.6 million in funding and reportedly has about 85,000 users.

Shopify claims over 600,000 users are operating eCommerce stores and brands on its platform. If all Tictail users would migrate over to  Shopify, it would boost the user base significantly.

Neither company has confirmed a purchase price or any other details about this transaction.

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