Shipstation Releases Free Holiday Season Prep Guide For 2020

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The holiday season is about to start in earnest as we are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, the old traditional start of the holiday season.

But 2020 has already been shown to be a different year, with the COVID-19 pandeming looming large and making a second wave hitting many U.S. states and European countries.

Shoppers are expected to shop more online versus going to local retailers for their gift shopping.

There is a great opportunity for online businesses and retailers that have just moved to online sales to take advantage of the anticipated shift in consumer behavior this holiday season.

Holiday Season Online Shopping Surge

Especially for small retailers trying out online sales for the first time, this might be a scary time of the year. Some may have sold a few items on eBay or Etsy, others may just launched an online store and are not sure how to quickly manage orders and inventory the best way.

Even for veteran online sellers, the potential surge this year may create operational headaches not experience before.

Shipstation, along with selected industry partners has produced a Holiday Day Prep Guide that touches on important topics to help small business owners get ready for this year’s holiday season.

The guide touches on important topics for online entrepreneurs such as:

* Shipping Costs
* Shipping Speed
* Fulfillment / Picking Workflow
* Dropshipping automation
* Sales Tax Compliance
* Fraud
* Promotions and Marketing
* Branding

The best advice is always to be prepared and have a plan. For those small business onwers that are new to online sale or those that may have struggled in the past, this guide provides many valuable tips, and best of all, it’s free.

To download the free Shipstation Holiday Season Prep Guide, click here.

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