ShipStation Announces Integration With SAP ERP Software

Warehouse worker scanning a package

Online shipping platform ShipStation is collaborating with SAP which will support ecommerce sellers via the integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from SAP.

The SAP Business One solution can meet the needs of growing businesses, subsidiaries, and franchises and ShipStation will make it easier for them to fulfill their orders.

With this new partnership, the following SAP capabilities will be available to SMEs on the ShipStation platform — allowing sellers to integrate core ecommerce processes, make accurate and insightful decisions based on real-time information, and improve customer experience:

  • Pre-packaged ecommerce solutions from a shared network of SAP and ShipStation resellers.
  • A full ERP suite designed for Small and Midsize Enterprises – Accounting, Banking & Financials / Inventory, Production & Distribution / Purchasing & Operations / Sales, Service, & Support / Asset Maintenance & Management / Analytics & Reporting.
  • SAP’s partner ecosystem of certified Consultants, Integrators, Resellers, and Add-on publishers.

Online Sellers Of All Sizes Trust ShipStation

With over 300 global partnerships with leading shopping carts, marketplaces, carriers, and fulfillment services, tens of thousands of ecommerce retailers trust ShipStation to solve their day-to-day shipping needs — wherever they sell and however they ship.

SAP, as the global ERP leader, provides proven growth platforms for businesses of all sizes.

SMEs will now reap the benefits of a centralized system of record for managing enterprise assets and processes, including external vendors, partners, and ecommerce apps in addition to marketplaces, inventory, payments, and shipping carriers — enabling them to further scale their business and delight their customers.

“With today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, it’s critical for businesses to have a comprehensive view and understanding of all assets and processes now more than ever,” said Russell Griffin, Vice President, Global Solutions Providers at ShipStation.

“The flexibility of ShipStation’s platform and the real-time process integration offered by SAP Business One allow SMEs to orchestrate all aspects of their business, enabling efficiency, profitable growth, and improved customer experience. Now, SMEs can reduce the cost and time required to make their businesses run better,” said Steve Tait, Head of SAP Business One in North America.

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